April 28, 2017

One Nigeria supporters to organize anti-Biafra protest

One Nigeria supporters to organize anti-Biafra protest

The renewed agitation for a separate Biafra Republic from Nigeria has met a some opposition as supporters of One Nigeria says they will likely conduct an anti-Biafra protest to oppose the movement.

According to One Nigeria supporter Bob Ugo ,

To move this country forward is a task and it must be done by You and I. Our enemies are political leaders who major mindset centres on enriching themselves without minding the plight of its citizens. They want to permanently keep this country in darkness. No amount of wailing and counter-wailing will help revive this country unless we collectively spark up a good, unified and single-minded economic revolutionary plan. Follow it and work towards the betterment of Nigeria. Over 30yrs after the civil war and it is like yesterday, nothing lost were regained yet some are still clamouring for another bloody war. I haven’t forgotten the history as written by Chinua Achebe.
Those of our fathers and grandfathers who were actors in the war, who saw what happened during the civil war should please tell their children and grandchildren the truth and the experiences they had. This little messages is to remind us of the past and those things that happened in the past. And to help direct our minds to achieving a lasting peace and stability irrespective of who is been cheated. Nigeria political system is like a swivelling seat. It will certainly reach to all the six geo-political zone. Let’s exercise patients, It’s only a matter of time. The Northerners can never rule till eternity so is the Westerners and the Easterners.

Our people says “Nwata hu ógu egboro-egbo, agu ógu aguwa-ya”. A second war in this country will see the end of this country. Kill the dreams of the so-called Biafrans and perhaps, without even achieving its sovereignty. We better be careful, We want no more wars in this nation, who the cap fits, let him wear. And Let peace reign.

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