October 10, 2016

“Our relationship was perfect untll his ex-lover came and messed it up”

"Our relationship was perfect untll his ex-lover came and messed it up"

From a female blog reader:

Thank you for your platform. Ive rewritten this to shorten it. In December of last year I began dating my guy. We finally met in person in May and it was the best decision of my life. I’ve never felt so comfortable and complete. In September we met again and he proposed. Roses, candles, dinner, dancing, friends. I couldn’t have planned it better myself. I came to find out that he slept with his ex back in February. She saw he had a gf and he was showing me off everywhere (something he’d never done before) and she went even to his job to ask him. The affair lasted over a few weeks. He’s now deleted her from everything but I’m still stuck on the fact that he’s kept communication all this time. My best friend advised me that “you know how guys are. And it was super early in the relationship. Exes always come back just to confuse you and see if they can mess things up. He’s bn good since then so don’t let her win.” I cry a lot lately because of it and I’ve tried to dump him. He insists we will go through this together, he will never do it again, has never done it again, and cries right with me. My question is how do I get over this? I feel betrayed. Should I confront her? Make him block her? How do I get assurance? How do I stop being angry? I should be happy right now. Everyone is excited for our engagement.


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