October 19, 2016

Please help! I got pregnant but my lover doesn’t know yet

 Please help! I got pregnant but my lover doesn't know yet
From a female blog reader:

Hellow dear,am a good reader of your platform I must say your really doing a wonderful job!
Am a young girl of 23 years I have a boyfriend he is 28,we have a one year relationship…he truly loves me and I love him too I met his family once,he comes from a well raised Christian family!! The main issue here is I just found out that am a mouth pregnant and my boyfriend doesn’t know yet coz he kept asking me if am on my safe days whenever we had sex.Am scared coz he might think I trapped him maybe but that wasn’t my intention at all,am thinking of aborting it! Coz he always tells me of waiting when the right time comes is when we can have a babies and start a family…please help me and advise me of what to do am really confused to make matters worse I don’t even have a job yet my boyfriend just competed law school and is waiting for results


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