May 1, 2017

Please help! I want to be raped by my boyfriend

Please help! I want to be raped by my boyfriendFrom a female blog reader:

 I want to be raped by my boyfriend how do I tell him? We live together I’m 24 & he’s 34. He is too sweet, doesn’t drink smoke lie or cheat. 2 years together and He still makes breakfast & dinner, comes home with flowers a bottle of wine and chocolates tied in ribbons and cries during sex. Now i don’t want to sound ungrateful because I’m not, I love him more than red wine and only God knows how big of a love that is in my world, but He’s too perfect to the point it’s scary. I have tried to piss him off multiple times just to see his bad side but he doesn’t reveal it and instead of finding comfort in that it only scares me more. He never shouts or gets angry. He never gives me a chance to pay for my actions or to the least punish me into thinking there’s a chance I might lose him. He just easily says he loves me then forgives me like nothing happened. as of late I have had a strange crave for him that turns me on. I fantasize his hands around my neck and forced sex after a heated argument, even though he’s never carried one. I really want him to rape me (when I least expect it or want it) just this once so I can see a different side of him that will relieve me. How do I tell him this? And as for my fellow ladies, have you ever encountered such a man? Do they really have a bad side? How do you get it out of him? (Except for cheating)

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