June 6, 2016

Please help! My husband does not love me anymore

Please help! My husband does not love me anymore

Sent in by a blog reader:

I need your candid advice and help
My husband dosnt love me

I got married to my husband 3 yrears ago i have a boy for him but i notice he dosnt love me. I do take care of the house ever since he lost his job few weeks to our weeding, he is a lazy man not ready to work but rather prefer hanging and drinking about with friends. He planned to start his own business but nothing comes out of it. I have spent all i have to take care of my son and the family. He has really shown me alot like coming home late, eating n sleeping ,when everyone is out searching for ends meet. Last week his uncle in america sent him some money to start a business , he didnt tell me of it and he is still collecting my own money , i buy him cloths, phone pay the bills and do all a woman could do .i am even in debt and he is aware. I threatened him to pack my things and he said i should leave. He has beaten me twice and cheated on me i am very sad and depresed pls should i just leave this man.

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