February 28, 2017

Real gist about PMB’s health unearthed

Real gist about PMB's health unearthed

There have been a myriad of tales spun around the circumstances and occasions that have led to President Buhari’s medical trip to London. Many factions have given conflicting sides to the actual ailment he is suffering from.

It has been revealed that his ailment is prostate -related.

In addition, his real age has been put at over 80, as against the official age of 74.

While the surgical operation for the prostate impairment was successful, he is reported to be harangued with severe stomach upsets that have refused to go away.

Doctors have recommended that he shelve all plans to return to Nigeria for at least four months, and he was willing to accede to the recommendations, but close cabals around him have continullly made efforts to dissuade him, on the aegis of their political influence.

He reportedly speaks regularly with the VP Yemi Osinbajo, encouraging him and briefing him.


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