February 25, 2017

School in Enugu shut down for ‘unethical discipline’

School in Enugu shut down for 'unethical discipline'

 Early Dew Montessori School, Enugu, which made headlines for arresting pupils who refused to do their homework, has been shut down by the state government.

 In  a chat the state commissioner for education, Prof Uche Eze, said their actions tantamounted to unethical discipline, and that the school risked a permanent shutdown unless they apologized to the state government, the kids and their parents in writing.

  The proprietress of the school in her reaction said it was not done in bad faith, saying she meant to discourage laziness and assured that it was done in concert with the parents of the children.

“In my mind, I thought I was doing it to bring the children up in a way that they will be attached to their studies. No child was manhandled neither did they point a gun at any of the children.

I was the person that took the pictures and posted them on Whatsapp, with the caption ‘Some children were arrested today for not doing their homework, for not reading their books, for not behaving well, but they promised to change’.

I didn’t mean any harm; I meant well for the kids. If not, I wouldn’t have made it public – it would have been between me and the teachers” the proprietress said.


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