April 8, 2016

“She Wants Me Back But I Think It’s Too Late”

"She Wants Me Back But I Think It's Too Late" 

Sent in by a male NGLatest reader who needs advice:

Hi ngl.
Pls I would be as brief as possible.
I and my
girlfriend have dated for about 7 months and everything was all right
untill November 2015 when I got promoted And transfered from lagos to
kwara. This developed has changed my schedule which makes me more busy
and unavailable even during weekend. Since I got to kwara I never
travelled to lagos to see her or my family but we talk regularly on
phone. Oneday, in January 2016 she just surprisingly told me she wanted
to break up which uptill today I can’t figure out why. When I confronted
her she said she wasn’t just interested because she feels I am not
serious and I have some one else I am dating and that I am not caring
anymore and she can’t cope again. I tried to convince her about my job
but to no avail. I even scheduled my 2 weeks leave for July which is her
birthday month but she said it’s non of her business that she needed to
see me before then. So i left her for about 2 months without
communication. Now April she called me just to check on me and told me
how much she missed me and want me back. However my fear is my job will
still not allow me travel and history might repeat itself as I am not
willing to travel to see her and she can’t come over because she is a
student and stays with her parents.
My question is do I accept her
back or just move on with my life. My fear is she is likely to do the
same thing again thereby wasting my time and scare resources.
What do you advise?

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