April 28, 2016

Should He Sack His Driver Or Allow His Emotions Play Deep?

 Should He Sack His Driver Or Allow His Emotions Play Deep?

This is a story I found on social media about a guy who wants to sack his driver due to poor services he’s rendering but only held back by some factors. Read the passage and tell us what you would do when found in such situation:

I write this with much urgency and anger inside me..

I am a young
man in my early twenties and work as a management staff of a company. I
have a driver that is it old enough to be my father’s senior and I
accord him due respect. But the problem is that he is not just doing his
job in a professional manner..

He comes late to work, because I can manage and jump molue, so no need of him picking me from home.

complaining that he is bigger than driving his son’s mate. But the
truth is that I don’t make him feel bad because as a guy man, I even sit
in front with him and do other things just to create an atmosphere of
respect for him. and because of this, l am always late for some business

He is not just focused on the job. And it has gotten to management’s notice. So I was asked to run an appraisal on him…

the truth is that…. he always tell me sometimes of how hard things
are for his family and how he uses this Job to keep body and soul

Am kind of confused now, should I patch up for him, or give a correct report about him!!

I have now and tomorrow to report back.. Matured advice please!!

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