April 4, 2016

“Should I Open Up Her Lies For Her?”

"Should I Open Up Her Lies For Her?"

Story sent in by an NGLatest reader (apologies for the grammar):

Good money country pple (morning*). I need una advise. I met this girl during nysc service n for the first time in my life I felt connected to some1.

After service, things weren’t normal because we had to adjust to fit in the world of job hunt, money hunt, family hunt etc. n hardy had time for each other bt meet once a y. She came to my house one day and refuse to giv me . I was angry like every normal guy would n she gave excuses that made no sense to me. Her phone rang she refuse to take her calls only to come up wit “can u get me cork outside n plz luck the door on your way out” I left the house to get cork, locked the door as instructed.

After I left the compound I remembered that I hv cork bottle behind my house( since money no dey can or rubber cork na waste of cash bottle cork sure pass )I went back to take the bottle n heard My babe receiving a phone call in one of the room close to my backyard where my precious bottle lies. Her words ” the test is positive n is 2 months plus. Am pregnant and all u hv to say is I should do something about it ” na so I quietly carry bottle go buy cork for her without letting her knw I was there n heard her convers. She was in a hurry to leave few minute wen I came bk. I gave her transport( small money I wan use find job ) she refuse to see me for weeks cus she suspected I new wat was wrong with her. She eventually visited me after a long time n told me she was pregnant for me n she took care of it since I don’t hv money n not ready . I told her tanx.

She started misbehaving recently don’t knw if I SHOULD TELL HER THE TRUTH OF HER LIES n quit the relationship or WAIT YOUR ADVISE. Pardon my english no be my papa get am. Tanx.

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