June 11, 2016

Stop making jest of president Buhari’s sickness – Bishop Kukah tells Nigerians

Stop making jest of president Buhari's sickness - Bishop Kukah tells Nigerians

Catholic Archbishop of Sokoto Archdiocese Most Rev Mathew Kukah said in Abuja today:

“I do not think that the health of Pres. Buhari or any Nigerian should be the subject of politics or speculation. And it is also something I found very troubling because nobody does the things we do in Nigeria. There are various presidents and Heads of States arithmetizing he world, who have been sick and they have died.

“But no country breaks into song and dance and ridicules the way things happen in Nigeria. Former US President, Ronald Reagan, was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for most part of his tenure in office and nobody had the slightest idea, what was happening to him. I think the responsibility we have is to pray for our President because we do not know who is going to be next.”

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