T-Pain thinks “You Don’t Know Shit” in new single

T-Pain thinks "You Don't Know Shit" in new singleT-Pain thinks you don’t know shit.

Download T-Pain “You Don’t Know Shit”.
T-Pain manages to infuse some hilariousness in what would otherwise feel like a rather serious r’n’b ballad, if not for the lyrics and the single art. He takes a cue from a popular meme for the “You Don’t Know Shit” art.

The new song is self-produced, with big production, layered with synths lurching back and forth alongside T-Pain’s own slanderous crooning. T-Pain targets a lady who is no longer cutting it for him, throwing no lack of shade. Meanwhile he’s still hashtaggin #FuckAComeback. This song follows up “See Me Comin” from the other week. Is #FuckAComeback a series? Stay tuned.

Let us know what you think of Pain’s latest.

Download T-Pain “You Don’t Know Shit”.

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