April 29, 2016

“They Blackmailed Him” – Family Of Man Paraded As Fake Army Colonel Reacts

"They Blackmailed Him" - Family Of Man Paraded As Fake Army Colonel Reacts 

The family of man named Prince Onyemauche (pictured above) who was recently “paraded” by the Nigerian Army for suspected impersonation as a Colonel in the Army has released a statement with regards to the incident.

"They Blackmailed Him" - Family Of Man Paraded As Fake Army Colonel Reacts

The family states that Prince was a victim of blackmail and has been tried and found not guilty by an Army Court. The man has been released henceforth.

Read the full statement:

On friday been 22nd of April,it was publised on many blogs and some news
agencies regards to the accused person paraded by nigerian army,let me
drew to your notice that army lied to general public. Further
investigations by nigerian police forces showed that it was a mastermind
plots by anti-prince. He was travelling to imo state along with only
one secruity Aid staff sergent philip jacob A.K.A “KALA ” (education
corp),The AK47 belongs to army which was signed armour corp commander
under what it calls “kill and divide” to staff sergent which prince paid
for it. ,the incident took place on 17th febuary,2016, where they took
him to court martial, he won there, where the provolt marshal ruled him
innocent as charged yet the brigadier general refuses to sign to let the
young man go. As army was still preparing to release him,due to delay
from the mastermind soul and impatient of prince onyemauche’s wife ,she
arrived army headquaters with( SAN) senior advocate of nigeria on 21st
of April, to sign and release him while they further to court with army
For illegal detention,army fearful headover to police same day and
contact PRESS as their evidence on 22nd of April.

This is civilian regime,what kept army from heading him over to police as from 17th febuary-April 22nd? Let us be realistic.

while,it was reviewed that some money left at prince’s house was taken
by soldiers that went for searching at his resident at Garki without
returning or showing it before the press or heading over to police.

1. One can’t say,he claimed to colonel without:
A: uniform
B: identity card.
No clear evidence to show regards to army claims.
Please general public take note:

Prince is bonafide son of the soil, from obowo local government area,imo state.
lived in their home town without house,paying rents for more 20years,
God blessed this young man, he have been a blessing to many in that
local government and imo state. He recently gave scholarship to many
students as from JSSC 1-SSC -3 at Saint Thearsa seconday school,alike
obowo along with senator nneji attanu of okigwe zone .He is not
politician, he supports good leaders like senator nneja attanu a.k.a
aguotuaka, he went to buy yam,on his way coming for re-election of
senator nneji,mastermind APC setted him up, on how God may have it, the
election was shifted untill now,the election has not taken place.
builds houses,people from his village “enemies of progress” are really
jealous of him,some of them will show theyself on the comments,watch.
onyemauche is the owner of uni-corn group of companies,which creates
employement for many youths,the plotter went so far by writting to
NAFDAC regards uni-corn table water, they came back and said, they found
nothing on the water. Prince have been giving free bore-hole since 2010
till today.

He travels with soldiers for secruity reasons..
Please. General public, who God have blessed, no man can curse him.
Prince is dangerously blessed.

He was on thursday released by SARS,To God alone be glorified –shame to devil.

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