April 8, 2016

This Change Is Change To Madness – Former Minister Blasts APC, Buhari

This Change Is Change To Madness - Former Minister Blasts APC, Buhari

Former minister of Aviation Ebenezar Babatope and a chieftain of the PDP has blasted APC and president Muhammadu Buhari over their 2015 presidential election campaign promises.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Babatope stated:

“We were promised change and change before the elections but is this the change we are going to have? This is change to madness. This is change to poverty; I do not know how to describe it. I want to appeal to you journalists to help us tell them that Nigerians are suffering. I hate comparing people or parties. It is true I belong to the PDP and they belong to the APC but the truth is that we are not having it easy at all.

Speaking on the Biafra issue, he also said:

“Buhari has not done much about national reconciliation. And I do not like the approach of this government to the issue of Biafra. It is true Biafra has come and gone but we must realize that there were some innocent Nigerians who were killed during the Biafran era and since some people are embittered, the government should try to meet them and try to ameliorate their condition. I do not like the treatment being given to Kanu; it is not right. We should meet them and talk to them. The Igbo people are hardworking people and I do not see why they should not agree with the Buhari government. Let the APC government pursue genuine reconciliation on the issue of Biafra so that it would be seen that justice has been done to the people.”

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