October 4, 2016

“This guy isn’t caring but I love him”

"This guy isn't caring but I love him"

From a female blog reader:

Pls help me to repost this really need ur kind advice I am 25 of age,my cousin husby introduce me to his childhood friend cos have not been in any relationship for 2yrs,we got introduced to each other January 2nd 2016,he his graduate and almost done with his masters while am having my b.tech in one of the university in Nigeria ,and am working ,he ain’t working yet,he love the fact am working and always want me sending NIR giving him money or recharge cards a times I do decline and never do as if I have much ,he his from a wealthy home,has his own car, based on monthly salary and really proud of me among his friend that “his girlfriend is working and doesn’t demand anything”I do the calls most time ,then sometime I try to let him be for a week or so if he doesn’t call nor text me ,I try to forget abt him but all in veins ,the one he did that annoy me is on my birthday he want to take me out with friend and he withdraw just 5k then I have cash on me which is 10k and he.doesn’t know ,then after everything the bill is high and he said he want to use pos which they don’t have where we went to,so I add up to the money,and we left,we.haven’t have sex or anything since we get introduced to each other till October, so after my birthday I called him if I want to go out cos he doesn’t like only me going out alone ,either with a friend he knows or I didn’t at all or I should call him to go and drop me or else I look for trouble ,he likes seeing me in trousers which I don’t wear and hardly feel comfy with cos am use to natives (northerners )then we had a Deep romance not sex and since that day he didn’t call nor text notyn,then I message him on whatsap telling him what he did his bad not even a message since he dropped me,then he said he his sorry but since that day not even a call notyn,and I didn’t call nor text too but still dream about him and still cares about him …..pls I need a serious advice on what to do pls.thanks


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