June 7, 2016

Video: Drama as Terry G slaps DJ Jimmy Jatt’s apprentice DJ for stopping his song during show

Video: Drama as Terry G slaps DJ Jimmy Jatt's apprentice DJ for stopping his song during show

Following his years of silence in the music scene, Terry G has has every reason to resurface on everyone’s lips as he (NGLatest can confirmed) slapped  a DJ at comedian Bash’s comedy show at the Muson Center on Sunday 5th June 2016.

A video of the incident:

DJ Jimmy Jatt, whom the DJ is working under has this to say:

“I think it was a reaction of an unruly artiste The DJ has been coordinating the performances without issues. Terry G wasn’t even billed to perform. He called the organiser and begged to perform then they gave him a time frame and he used more than his time.

“The organisers used their voice-over guy to call him from the backstage that his time was over and he said if he hears the voice he’ll cause trouble.

“Then he went on to perform about three more songs. He was messing up and people were leaving while he was performing. The organisers were losing crowd and they went to tell the DJ to stop playing his songs so Terry G can get off the stage.

“But he didn’t leave the stage – he continued performing and making music with his bell and he wasn’t leaving still, so they went back to the DJ and told him to play another artiste’s song, and my boy obliged. All of a sudden, Terry G walked straight to the DJ and gave him the most dazzling of slaps, the boy was dazed.

“Then he left the venue immediately because I went back stage immediately to try and talk to him. I was pissed and was going to shut down the performance for the night but I thought of it again because it wasn’t the organisers fault.

“I personally will request a public apology from him just so we have a gentleman’s agreement, because I feel I was the one slapped. Apart from that, if it wasn’t my boy involved and an artiste slaps a DJ in my presence, I’ll stand up for the DJ.”

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