April 8, 2016

Video, Photos: Female Student Cries, Begs Buhari To Resign Over Fuel Scarcity

Video, Photos: Female Student Cries, Begs Buhari To Resign Over Fuel Scarcity

 Following the fuel scarcity and hard times that are currently scorning the country, a female Nigerian student has asked president Muhammadu Buhari to leave the “throne” for Goodluck Jonathan, saying Buhari has personal spiritual problems to face rather than Nigeria’s.

Here’s a transcript from the video:

“Buhari, what have I done to you to deserve all these? Buhari why can’t you just leave the seat for Jonathan and tell him you are no more doing again. Buhari this is not good o.. This is really really not good. You did not face your spiritual problems, you are facing international ones. Buhari you never do anything about Nigeria, instead you are wasting or money to travel out. Buhari na we get petrol but we still dey suffer for petrol.

“We go queue for 8 hours before we get it….at 400naira per litre. Transportation to my school is 30naira before but now it is 100naira. Pure water in my street was 5naira before, now it is 20naira. Buhari waht have I done to deserve all these? You know you are wasting my money on transportation.

”You are travelling up and down, using fuel to ride your expensive motors. Buhari what have we done to you, Nigerians are crying out loud. Buhari please leave the throne for Jonathan, let him continue. Ive been having sleepless nights, because there is no light. Before before, we used to have light 8hours a day, but now, we never have at all. Buhari please do something. Face your spiritual problems, come home and do something please. I’m really crying now because I can’t just sleep.”

Watch the video:

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