June 9, 2016

“We can’t stop Fulani herdsmen coming from neighboring countries”

"We can't stop Fulani herdsmen coming from neighboring countries"
Minister of Agriculture Audu Ogbeh at the Stakeholders’ Consultative Forum on Grazing Reserves and Stock Routes today in Abuja, justified why people from foreign lands can roam Nigeria with herds of cattle.

His words:

“The Nigerian constitution has given every citizen the fundamental right to freedom of movement in search of legitimate businesses; transhumance pastoralism is seen along these lines.

“For pastoralists from neighbouring West African countries, access to grazing rights in other countries in the ECOWAS zone including Nigeria, are guaranteed by the ECOWAS Transhumance Protocol of 1998 and ECOWAS Protocol of Free Movement of Goods and Persons in West Africa.

“So it is not strange to see a Malian, Burkinabe or Nigerien pastoralist grazing his cows, sheep or goats in Nigeria or a Nigerian pastoralist grazing his livestock in Benin, Togo or Ghana and by extension, transhumance pastoralists from other neighbouring countries.” 

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