May 5, 2017

Woman laments: How do I stop my husband from being a chronic masturbator?

Woman laments: How do I stop my husband from being a chronic masturbator?From a female blog reader:

Hi please post anonymously. Am a lady in her late 20’s and married for 5years with an adorable daughter and if there’s anything life has taught me so far is the fact that experience is indeed a great teacher.
Well my case is slightly different from her’s though but with same foundation (pornography and masturbation). In my case, my husband ‘cums’ and all but is a chronic masturbator and a porn addict. There’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I haven’t done to help him. And the irony is that he opened up and confessed to me 2months after our wedding. Now a lot of your followers might say I knew before getting married but God is my witness I had no idea at all (it became a long distance relationship almost immediately after he asked me out).
I’ve prayed, fasted, talked, seeked help on his behalf and had sex with him countless times daily just so he doesn’t do it, and yes I am adventurous and kind of wild in bed so I don’t think satisfaction is his problem. Funny thing is that whenever he’s caught (which is almost every time, he becomes sober and kneels down, cries and begs for forgiveness but would still go back almost immediately (if not immediately sef).
Mind you he has a full time job as a pilot with a multi-national company (so boredom isn’t his problem either), he plays sport (as his hobby) and is a sportsperson but whenever he’s in the mood, he goes to the toilet and claims he’s pooping/bathing and does his thing.
Well I simply got tired and cut off all privileges (sex-wise, just the basics and no more different positions if am not up for it) and just so she knows how far I’ve gone to help him, I had to throw away the keys of my bedroom and toilet but nne NONE worked.
Over the years, I’ve come to a conclusion that I cannot help him (even though he admits to needing help). I am tired biko. I’ve learnt to channel all my energy to my daughter, business and personal development. I cannot come and die of HBP all in the name of trying to HELP him. So my sister do not listen to all those saying u can help him because in reality, u can’t do jack. Sorry for my long write up (I wish someone had tried to reach out to me before I got married, just maybe it would have influenced me

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